Exothermic Weld Common Joints

Amiable - AURAWELD® is the leading Manufacturer of Exothermic Welding Powder, Exothermic Graphite Mold and Exothermic Weld Accessories.

Exothermic welding is also known in the Market with different brand names such as AURAWELD, CADWELD, ERICO, EXOWELD, KUMWELL, FURSEWELD, THERMOWELD, AIWELD.

We offer wide range of Graphite Moulds used for Exothermic Welding. The Graphite Molds comes in various sizes based on type of joints. For every different type of joint - Different Graphite Moulds are used. Based on the joint - the Exothermic Weld powder quantity is decided and accordingly the Graphite Mold is designed for Exothermic Welding.

1) Cable To Cable Joints - Exothermic Weld

Straight TEE Joint / T Joint X - Joint
copper-cable-to-copper-cable-straight-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-copper-cable-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-copper-cable-x-joint-graphite-mould

2) Cable to Rod Joints - Exothermic Weld

Horizontal Joint TEE Joint / T Joint X - Joint
copper-cable-to-ground-rod-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-rod-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-rod-connections-x-joint

3) Cable To Bar Joints - Exothermic Weld

Cable Tap To Bar - TEE / T Joint Cable Run To Bar - TEE / T Joint
4) Cable To Surface (Steel/Copper) Joints - Exothermic Weld

Cable To Surface (Steel / Copper) Cable Run To Surface (Steel / Copper)
copper-cable-run-to-surface-steel-copper-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-surface-steel-copper-graphite-mould
5) Bar to Bar Connections (BB)- Exothermic Welding

Straight Joint TEE Joint / T Joint
copper-bar-to-copper-bar-straight-joint-graphite-mould copper-bar-to-copper-bar-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould
Full Cross Joint Half Cross Joint
copper-bar-to-copper-bar-full-cross-joint-graphite-mould copper-bar-to-copper-bar-half-cross-joint-graphite-mould
6) Bar To Ground Rod Connections (BR)- Exothermic Welding

Bar To Ground Rod Bar Run To Ground Rod
horizontal-bar-to-vertical-ground-rod-graphite-mould horizontal-bar-run-to-vertical-ground-rod-graphite-mould

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